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Corporate Interactions

We bridge the possible gap between what is taught and what is required by the industry.

DIHE, has maintained excellent relation with the industry. Our students have a continuous interaction with the industry. There are regular interactions through guest lectures, seminars, Industry visits, etc.

Interaction with the industry is not only limited to seminars and guest lectures, but also expert opinions from industry is also continuously sought about the emerging markets, various opportunities the students could (fore)see in the future, demand and supply for the MBA students etc.

Our students interact continuously with the alumni who are professionals working in the industry. Through the professional body memberships and alumni relations, the students are updated about the latest happenings in the industry. Also young budding managers are rightly tuned to take up their careers in this competitive world.

Faculty interaction with entrepreneurs and business managers is facilitated to work on practical problems of the industry in order to give practical insights to the students & faculty Students involve in the industrial research projects which are undertaken on behalf of the industry to gain hand on experience. Interaction with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders is enabled to give students the necessary inspiration and guidance to become successful entrepreneurs.


Our specialized training and experience equip us to help students provide personalized attention throughout the academic stay on various issue related to academics, projects, internships, choosing the right careers, interpersonal problems, counseling, etc. that meet the individual needs and goals of every student on campus.


Industry oriented methodology is an approach to learning from an industry perspective. Teaching at DIHE is highly practical and focused on what the industry needs, as it is evolved through constant interaction with leading professionals who are a part of the Industry. Industrial visits, elaborate interaction by the promoter and faculty with the industrial world and taking up live projects from industry gives a deep insight into the work environment, emerging technologies and challenges in the corporate world. These inputs help us in preparing our students to harness these emerging working styles and efficiently hand the challenges to excel in their chosen professions.


We conduct various programs and events in the college which encourage the students to build a strong personality by the time they complete their education in the college. Students are encouraged to participate in presentation, debates, conferences, seminars, mock interviews, etc… The college also provides a free certification program to the students by a certified consulting firm.